Are You Being Forced To Move Out During Divorce? What Should You Know About Your Options?

If your spouse has just informed you he or she plans to file for divorce, you may find yourself battling a host of emotions, from shock to anger or even relief. Often, unless you want to find yourself in a situation straight out of The War of The Roses, you’ll need to vacate your marital home quickly rather than continue to share walls with someone who has filed a legal document seeking to dissolve your relationship. But how can you sort through all your jointly-owned belongings and schedule a move while simultaneously trying to sort out your post-divorce finances? Read on to learn more about your options for moving mid-divorce and what you should consider to make this process as quick and pain-free as possible. What items can (or should) you remove from the home when leaving? Once your spouse has announced his or her plans for divorce or filed the initial pleading in your case, any items removed from your marital home may need to later be accounted for when settling the division of assets and debts. It’s best Continue Reading →

Moving to Another Country? Take These Steps First

Whether retirement, a new job opportunity, or sheer wanderlust fuels your decision to move to another country, restrain the impulse to move too rashly or quickly. International relocation is a major project, and as such it requires some advance preparation and forethought. Here are some steps you should take in your old home before stepping into your new one. Select Your International Relocation Company with Care Unless your employer has already made arrangements with an international relocation company on your behalf, you may need to select the moving service yourself. Many moving companies have relationships with destination agencies in various countries that can handle the receiving end of an international relocation. If you want to make sure your transition to your new home is as seamless as possible, look for a company that will connect you with a destination service. This service can help you get settled in the community, locate a good school for your kids, obtain work permits, and adapt to your adopted culture. But a connection with a destination service isn’t the only qualification your international relocation company Continue Reading →

Three Tips For Moving Long Distance With Houseplants

When you’re moving across town, you can usually just throw your plants in the back seat of the car and call it good. However, the same can’t be said if you’re moving to another state. There are several precautions you must take when relocating with plants to ensure they make it to the new home alive and healthy. Here are three tips for moving long distance with houseplants. Check Local and State Laws The first thing you should do when moving to another state with plants is make sure it’s legal for you to bring them to that state. It’s not unusual for states to regulate plant importation to prevent the spread of disease or pests that may damage native flora or have a negative impact on crops. For instance, California bans the importation of all citrus plants, likely because oranges are a major crop in that state. Therefore, you’ll need to rehome your mini indoor orange tree before moving to that state. If a state doesn’t outright ban plants, you may be required to declare what you have at Continue Reading →